Cargo superintending is a Risk Management Function aimed at enhancing marine claims administration as well as optimum profitability. This is because, whenever there is cargo loss either through theft or physical damage, the insurance company, to be able to pay, normally calls for proof of loss.
Under an ideal situation, the discrepancy report which follows the clearance of any consignment at the ports should be prepared by the Nigerian Ports Authority (if it is marine cargo) or the appropriate authority (if it is air freighted cargo).

However, in practice such reports are hardly issued. Consequently, underwriters (insurers) rely more on survey reports of independent cargo superintending firms like BJA, as such reports are unbiased and fully documented.

Apart from the authenticity of our reports, the usual bottlenecks that are normally attached to operations of agencies which have responsibility for importation service do not exist in our operations. Hence claims are more effectively processed through our report. In the event of loss or damage, the cargo superintendent report is sufficient proof of the loss.

Furthermore as a cargo superintending firm, we are able to advise you on ways to prevent or minimize damage to or loss of cargo.


  • Nigeria Agip Oil Company Ltd – Liquefied Natural Gas Project
  • Chevron Nigeria Ltd – General Oil Equipment Cargo
  • Nigerpak Nigeria Ltd – Importers of printing Goods
  • Metalloplastica (Nig) Ltd – Plastic Manufacturers
  • CMB Packaging Ltd Materials – Producers of Packaging
  • Elf Nig Limited – General Cargo
  • Total Fina Limited – General Cargo
  • Total E&P – General Cargo

We offer comprehensive;

  • pre-discharge inspection
  • in-stow inspection
  • superintending discharge
  • delivery operations
  • tallying of marine consignments
  • Public and private fire arrangements
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