This encompasses Fire and Special Peril Surveys, Burglary/Theft Surveys and General liability Risk Surveys. These Surveys afford a vivid analysis of Risks as well as enhance assessment for underwriting purpose.

Our comprehensive Risk Management Services cover many complex areas and with detailed knowledge of various industries in addition to our considerable experience in coordinating risk management programs, we are fully equipped to undertake risk identification and evaluation exercises as well as advice on practical control measures to minimize losses.

We are in association with companies that have requisite expertise in their field and the necessary resources in manpower and equipment to complement our professional service thus providing a consultancy service that is second to none.

Our team of Risk Management Surveyors are experts in preparing authoritative, confidential reports for underwriters, Brokers, Oil companies, Industrial Organizations and other third parties.

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Our report encompass key data on:-

  • Site structures/features and services
  • Computer and other electronic equipment
  • Management and Housekeeping
  • Business activities
  • Security
  • Public and private fire arrangements
  • Emergency procedures
  • Maintenance systems
  • Individual Perils Risk Assessment
  • Potential Third Party Exposures
  • Maximum Possible Loss Potentials for both Property (material damage) and Loss of profits (business interruption)